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Meet Nelani

Born and bred Capetonian with a deep love for the ocean, nature and animals. I'm a sucker for a good old love story. I was blessed to grow up with creative parents who encouraged me in all my creative pursuits and eventually this led me to photography. I'm not ashamed to say that I cry at every wedding, I have a knack to make grooms feel really comfortable (even the super awkward ones), and creating beautiful images in a relaxed manner is all that matters to me.


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes- I absolutely love traveling and if you are lucky to get married in a beautifully far-flung destination, get in touch with me for a custom package

How long does it take to receive our images?

In high seasons- (October to May), image delivery takes 6-8 weeks, and in low season (June to September) image delivery takes 4-6 weeks

Why would I need a 2nd shooter?

A 2nd photographer takes a lot of pressure off a main photographer, they're an extra pair of eyes to ensure that all your beautiful memories are captured and not missed. The 2nd photographer is also a good way for your main photographer to capture the canapes and family at the same time, and often stays behind to capture all these epic friend and family moments the main photographer might miss as they are busy with you, the couple. It's a peace of mind and a great support to the main photographer.

Why is an engagement shoot needed?

If you're a little uncomfortable in front of the camera (aren't we all) it's a way for us to get to know each other, for you to feel comfortable with my style and so that you know exactly what is expected from your wedding photography session on the day, taking a lot of stress from you as you won't be too worried on the day, as you’ll know exactly what to expect and what to do

Were having a religious ceremony, is that ok?

I absolutely love and respect all cultures and religions and am well versed in what's needed from each religion, as a comfort and peace of mind, get in contact with exactly what you need and how your day will be and we can create a custom quote. You might find that you need 3 days of coverage, or you need additional hours, get in touch and we will be happy to work alongside you to ensure you get the most out of your wedding photography.

Do you charge transport and accommodation?

For weddings more than a 100km outside of Cape Town, Transport is calculated at AA rates, and a moderate guesthouse accommodation for 1 night for myself and an assistant would be appreciated.

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