About Me

I'm truly obsessed with creating beauty in the world. I truly believe my calling in life is creating beautiful things. My curiosity and love for stories especially have led me to wedding photography. After a chance meeting with a photographer 10 years ago I photographed my first wedding under her guidance and the rest as they say is history.

I pour my heart and soul into each image 

I don't see my work as having a particular style, but I prefer in-the-moment shots that tell the story of each couple uniquely, my style is neither light and airy nor is it dark and moody. I prefer to work with what I have on the day in the most natural and unobtrusive manner making sure that I capture your day in the best possible way

my process

I. Book the date.

First things first- check my availability.

Choose your package

Confirm with a 50% booking fee

Some paperwork

You're booked!

II. Take photos.

Prior to your wedding day, I would love to meet you and get to know you. Whether thats at the engagement shoot or a coffee date.

I will assist with the timeline and on the day will guide you through each section of your wedding and ensure we get the most out of your images.

III. Deliver memories.

1 week after your wedding day, I send you a sneak preview and a small selection of edited images from your day.

6-8 weeks later you will receive a digital format gallery of your wedding day.

tips to get the most from your photography

Work with a skilled wedding planner

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events filled with elegant details, timelines, loved ones, and lots of emotions. A wedding planner can take your vision and enhance it beyond what you can imagine, allowing you to enjoy the stress-free wedding day of your dreams.

Know the sunset time

Knowing the sunset time on your wedding day aids in creating a seamfree timeline structured around the best possible light for your photographs. I am happy to assist with timelines and structuring the day to get the most from your photography.

Create a realistic wedding day timeline

Keeping to a wedding timeline is a key factor for maintaining a relaxing and photographically productive day. Things like delayed hair and makeup can drastically change the day’s schedule and impact your time for portraits prior to the ceremony. (We highly recommend a hair and makeup trial prior to the wedding.) Adding buffer time (up to an hour) around the important elements of your wedding preparation allows for delays. The best-case scenario is that you finish on time and have a moment for a glass of champagne before the ceremony.

Choose a beautiful location to get ready

The first few hours of wedding photography take place as you get ready. Whether you choose a bridal suite, hotel room, or other location to prepare for the wedding, consider the backdrop for these images. This location is where we photograph the majority of your details and initial portraits. As such, I recommend selecting a spacious, open location with ample natural light and similar decor or feel to your wedding so the images flow with the rest of the day.

Consider a cell phone-free ceremony

Cell phones and iPads create a significant obstacle for us at your ceremony. We have found that at least one of your guests will try to capture your nuptials with a phone, tablet, or their own camera. These devices end up in your wedding photos and create unsightly distractions while blocking the faces and emotions of you and your guests. The best photojournalistic images of your wedding come about when your guests put away their devices and watch the ceremony with their eyes and hearts.

Enjoy & Trust the process

To ensure we are the perfect fit for one another, it’s very important for us to get to know as much as possible about you and your wedding day prior to booking. We love to learn about both of you, your personality, your family, and your background so we get a solid sense of your love story and who you are. Further than that- enjoy and trust the process.

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